Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From Carbondale

Hi Maitri Family!

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Carbondale, CO missing you all! The training I am doing here is put on by Rod Stryker. I did my first training with him in September and now I am on my third module. Today, so far, I have cried... a lot. Starting about 2 hours in with little sniffles here and there, which lasted just about all day. This training is based on Rod's book called The Four Desires. It basically talks about the 4 desires of our soul, which are named in the Upanishads. They are: Dharma: Your service while you are here on this earth. Artha: Your means of living, money, food, water, shelter, the ability to take care of yourself. Kama: Joy, pleasure, happiness, love, relationships, fun, all of that good stuff. And last but certainly not least, Moksha: Moksha means freedom but it is described in many different ways. My interpretation is broad but I believe it has to do with the willingness to embrace all of life. It is freedom to live in a way that doesn't keep us from anything. It's living from a place that allows us to enjoy it all, feel it all, experience it all, without attachment. Rod brought up the point today, that for instance, people who fast all the time think about food more than people who eat three meals a day. Sometimes by rejecting things we actually attach ourselves to them. Interesting, eh? I think so! We also did a lot of writing, meditating and all the other good stuff that helps us in many ways to see ourselves more clearly. In so many ways, this training is just about life... all of life and how we live it. It asks the questions, how much are we willing to embrace and where do we at times break our own hearts, or do things that might not be the best for us? This is a training in looking at how we directly connect with ourselves and how much are we willing for forgive, let go and let God.

Anyway, I just wanted to take some time to write to you all. I am exhausted.

There is no 5:45am class tomorrow. Class with Caitlin tomorrow at noon, then Sunshine will be teaching at 5:45pm and then yin at 7pm!

Thank you all for all of your love and support, always. The more I dig deep within myself, the deeper I can share with all of you!

Love and light, yogis.


P.S. this is my view. That is Mt. Sopris, and we train every day at Flying Dog Ranch. If you are curious, look it up! It is beautiful!! Very blessed to be able to receive so much here. 

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