Monday, September 14, 2015

Have you Heard?

We have a new class on Tuesday evening!

Nicole Calhoun, someone I dearly love and a teacher I respect is teaching an Advanced or Level 3 class on Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm.

Often times, we think of advanced practice as doing all of these arm balances and handstands. However, an advanced practice is what you make it. As we begin practicing more and more we realize it's the subtleties in the practice, as well as being able to take care of and honor yourselves while practicing that makes it potent. Nicole might be able to teach you some fun and awesome ways to get in and out of poses, but the real advanced practice is in your own willingness to step out of your comfort zone and explore the depth of your own Self.

Take it from someone who used to be hesitant about walking into Level 3 classes, but takes master trainings... in those trainings we're not doing handstands, we're looking at the depth of our own humanness, because that's what the asana is trying to get us to do. It's not the pose that matters, it's where the pose takes you inside yourself. The deeper you go, the more we might find it challenging. Advanced is in the way you look at it.

Practice is what you make it.

Our teachers, just help to take us there. Your practice is your own. Your ability to do a handstand doesn't make you an advanced practitioner, the loving-kindness and compassion you bring to your body while trying, does.

Practice, practice, practice.


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