Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Peanut Butter Goals

By: Libby Young

It is now well into February of 2016. The one-month test of kept or un-kept New 

Years resolutions is over. And to that I say, who the hell cares? Temporal markers 

can be such a great way to gather new energy and resolve for a positive change. But 

we don’t need them to try and be better. It’s only eight days into this new month and 

it’s showing me more than January ever did. 

We’ve all made promises to ourselves to do this, change that, to be different. But 

what happens to ourselves when we break those promises? We beat ourselves up, 

thinking destructive thoughts about who we are as a person. We regard ourselves as 

failures. Unable to be or do better because we just simply suck as a human being. 

Every day is an opportunity to be the best we can be. Every day is also an 

opportunity to “fall short”. The problem with resolutions is we like to think of them 

as these unrealistic yet completely attainable goals. Much like if I said I needed 

peanut butter at the store. So I get in my car, I drive to the store, I walk in, pick up 

the jar of peanut butter, purchase it, drive back to my home and put the peanut 

butter on my shelf. Presto change-o, I achieved my goal. But this doesn’t work for 

Our focus shouldn’t be in the achievement but in the trying. 

If I want to lose weight, be more patient, or be more self-confident, these aren’t 

things that I can ever achieve. EVER. Weight will always change, patience will 

always fluctuate, and loving yourself will always be tested.  Even that jar of peanut 

butter will run out and you will need more from the store. So instead of focusing on 

any goal as something we can check off of our lists, focus on the day-to-day pursuit. 

As long as you are trying, you are succeeding! And when we falter, not if but when, it 

won’t be a failure, because we pick ourselves up and keep going. We ate a half a tray 

of brownies one night; eat something healthy for lunch the next day. We got upset 

and yelled at a friend; apologize when you’ve cooled off and try to respectfully 

convey your feelings. We feel low about ourselves, our looks or lack or 

achievements; remind yourself about all the things you do love or are proud of 

about yourself. To keep trying should always be the goal! 

We don’t need January to be better. Just reassurance that when we make mistakes 

as a human that it doesn’t make us imperfect. Our perfection comes from our 

beautiful introspectiveness and constant efforts to be the best versions of us. This is 

our success. This should be our only resolution.

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