Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Turn and Face the Change


                                                               By: Libby Young

Well Maitrians, it’s springtime once again!  I know this because the grass is turning 

green, the dogwoods are blooming, and I’m being accosted by spring advertisements 

everywhere. Spring is the symbol for rebirth, for things growing anew. But with 

rebirth and growth comes change. And that’s what I want to talk about in this post. 

Oh sweet change, how wonderful and horrific you can be. I’m very lucky that I have 

the personality type that not only does well with change, but actually craves it. But 

even with this trait, change can still be really difficult. We as people love the idea of 

turning over a new leaf, starting a new path, but with the excitement of change it’s 

easy to lose focus of what we might have to sacrifice. 

My parents have lived here for the past 29 years. But change finds us all. They are 

currently in the process of packing up and selling my childhood home and moving to 

the Big Easy. My sister from the conception of this idea was dead set against it. I, on 

the other hand, was genuinely excited. I still am. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t 

run into conflicting and emotional feelings of loss as the date draws closer. Change is 

healthy and it’s good, but that never means it’s easy.

So here’s my advice to you this springtime. Make changes. Start something new in 

your life. But do so with both eagerness and mindfulness. Remembering what came 

before and letting that acceptance of the change be both gracious and loving. No 

matter what you are working towards, no matter what you are giving up, honor the 

path behind you as you embrace the new one set before you.

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