Thursday, April 21, 2016

And suddenly, it's the middle of April...

Hi everyone!

It has been a minute since I have written to you all on the blog. Libby does a great job posting and we hope you all continue to enjoy.

Since some of you do not have FB, I am going to update our blog with our schedule.

You can always look for our schedule online, but know that this blog is also a Maitri resource. 

We are currently looking at changing our schedule for the rest of the spring/summer months. We are looking at classes to let go of and maybe some new class times. If you have any requests, please let us know! You can email me directly at

For your reference, our Friday class this week is cancelled as is our Saturday vinyasa class.

Libby's last time to teach gentle yoga on Sundays is also this weekend, so if you haven't tried out gentle, go check it out. 

After this week, we are looking to close Maitri Saturday-Sunday, which means that there will be no weekend classes. We haven't made a definite decision yet, but Fayetteville is full of really incredible studios and teachers. We know that many of you just enjoy weekend classes so if you know of any teachers who might want to join Maitri and teach the Saturday class, please send them our way. Otherwise, check out Danielle at Trailside's am vinyasa class on Saturday or Krista's Sunday class. You can also find a numerous listing of classes and class times at Yoga Deza. If you live in Springdale, Yoga Gypsy is awesome and will definitely serve up a healthy dose of wonderful yoga. Other great studios around town are Arkansas Yoga Center, Be One Yoga Studio and the 8-Limbed Path. Not to mention, an all-time favorite teacher, person and yogi, Kristen Albertson at Ashtanga Yoga Fayetteville

Change is hard, but necessary. I've kinda poured myself into Maitri and as I'm about to head back to school, I feel a little scared about the future. I think I would probably give an organ to keep Maitri running smoothly for you all and maybe in a way I have because it takes up so much of my heart. But, I also have to be realistic. My love for Maitri could not be greater, but we want to make sure that Maitri is serving the community in the best way possible. As we make this transition in our schedule, please let us know what classes you would like to attend to maximize the schedule. 

On another note, we are adding a room for integrative health coaching and wellness sessions. As a certified health coach, we specifically look at the way nutrition impacts your vitality and how to help others make the most out of nourishment in all forms (food, relationships, jobs, etc.). 

If you would like a session or know of anyone who would, the first session is absolutely free and from there we will develop a plan to best suit the needs of the individual. 

I am willing to work with people's budget.

We send you all lots of love and hope to continue seeing you on the mat.

All of our love and lots of blessings,
Sarah and the Maitri Family 

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