Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last night's class:
A lot of times I don't pick a theme before class, because I never really know until walking into it, what the mood of the room will be. Each class is different and sometimes I feel like I can read things pretty well, while other times it feels a little muddled and I can't tell exactly which way to go (to have music or not have music, to do hips or shoulders, etc...). Tonight while I read from Melody Beattie's book, Journey to the Heart, about loving the questions themselves, I knew I had a theme in mind for receiving. Lately my mind has been coming back to the fact that we don't have to know all the answers all the time and it often takes a certain amount of quiet and space to even receive the answers we're looking for. I think in life there are always questions, but I think the more we can connect to our own heart and our own selves, we can receive what we need to receive... as long as we are willing to listen. Sometimes we don't want to know the answer because we're afraid we might not like it, and sometimes it can be scary to know what you really feel.

So for the rest of the week and weekend, when you find yourself wondering about something, love the questions and have faith that the answers will come when you're ready to hear them.

Lots of love to you all!

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